The curtain falls on the historic Salone Margherita

07 October 2020 17:46

The closure came due to the pandemic and pressure from the Bank of Italy

“We can no longer continue” – “It is really no longer possible to continue in this context. To the continuous pressure from the Institute of Via Nazionale which for two years has been pressing to get the theater back in order to sell it and therefore has not granted us the renewal of the lease, the tragedy of the pandemic has been added “, explained Nevio Schiavone, owner of the Salone and owner of the company.

“The Salone will continue to be a jewel” – “We are aware and proud of having given new life to the Salone in the last eight years and in the awareness that Bankitalia will keep the theater as a jewel and will make it live by granting it to productions with transitory contracts, waiting for a buyer who does not it is still never revealed even if it has been on sale for over ten years “.

Pingitore: “The Margherita can’t close” – The shows may still continue. “I am working on the new show. Just thinking that the” Margherita “might not reopen its doors seems inconceivable to me. It would be a serious offense to culture, to the spectacle, to the sensitivity of the spectators”, declared Pingitore.

Valeria Marini: “The dream cannot end” – In defense of the theater, the voices of those who trod those boards immediately made themselves heard. From Martufello, the star of Bagaglino’s many seasons, who says he is “certain that the Salone cannot be taken away from the Roman public, nor forbidden to artists who have kept it alive for so many seasons”, to Valeria Marini. for which “the dream cannot end. The Salone Margherita must continue to exist, its stage can still offer smiles, emotions and dreams. Long live the Margherita salon!”. “Upset” also Pamela Prati who feels linked to the theater “by wonderful memories”.

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