Tragic Live Suicide on Social Media: Brother and Sister Jump from 24th Floor in Kiev

A brother and sister in Kiev jumped from the 24th floor of an apartment building while broadcasting live on one of the social networks.

According to the Ukrainian site “Focus”, Vova and Vika, who are half brother and sister, had a relationship. Vova was born in 2005 and his sister in 2006.

In a video posted on social media, they say they decided to kill themselves. The next video shows the two jumping from the railing of the building.

Before jumping, Vova asks her sister: “Are you ready?”. Vika confirms, and he asks, “How?” – “Together,” she replies.

No comments from family and friends yet.

Kyiv police spokeswoman Yulia Girdvilis confirmed that the victims were a half-brother and a half-sister. Their parents lived in another city.

Their preparation for suicide was long. The two created profiles on social networks in which they stated that they planned to end their lives. A few hours before the tragedy, they posted dozens of videos.

According to the police, their bodies were found on October 2 at around 12:00 p.m. near a multi-storey building on Mikilsko-Slobidska street. They are believed to have fallen from the 24th floor to their deaths.

Investigators are currently speaking with witnesses and also looking for relatives and friends of the victims.

2023-10-02 20:06:00
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