The policeman attacked the driver. He is back in office and he wants compensation

However, the case ended as a disciplinary offense; according to the court, the police officer did not cause a serious consequence to the injured party, which is one of the conditions for acknowledging guilt for the crime of abuse of power by an official.

Regional police spokeswoman Martina Korandová confirmed to Práva that Slavotínek, who was reassigned to a lower position after the incident, is again in command. How he was punished in disciplinary proceedings, but Korandová did not state that it was an administrative proceeding that is not public.

Právo also found out that in March Slavotínek applied to the Ministry of Justice for compensation for the damage caused by the criminal prosecution, which, in his opinion, was being conducted illegally. “The Ministry received the application on March 13, and it has a statutory deadline for its assessment, which will not expire until September,” Markéta Poslušná from the Ministry of Justice told Práva. If Slavotínek fails, he can still claim compensation in court by filing a lawsuit against the ministry.

The conflict took place at one of the busiest intersections in Pilsen on Karlovarská třída in September 2017. It was preceded by a situation where the driver Josef Vávra (54) flashed a civilian police Mercedes for an allegedly risky overtaking maneuver.

Police, on the other hand, again assessed Vávra’s previous ride on the narrow lanes of Patton Bridge as dangerous and decided to block the car after his driver did not respond to instructions to stop. According to them, they suspected that he might be under the influence of drugs.

He didn’t follow the rules of courtesy

Slavotínek, as a co-driver, then got out with a pistol in his hand and went to the driver, where he began to shout: “You ku * do, the fuck you think you’re blinking at.” from hand holding mobile phone. The operation was then partially captured by the on-board camera of the stopped driver, and the footage was used by the public prosecutor as key evidence.

Deputy Commander of the Regional Police Intervention Unit Vladimír Slavotínek in court.

Photo: Patrik Biskup, Právo

The court criticized Slavotínek only for verbal expression. “He approached the victim’s vehicle without proving his affiliation with the police. In his subsequent speech as a police officer, he did not follow the rules of courtesy and honor, seriousness and dignity of persons, “he said in the verdict.

According to the court, the subsequent attack did not end for the injured party. “The only health effect he had was a small bruise under the right part of his lower jaw,” the court explained why he did not resort to criminal prosecution.

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