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Top Ramadan Drama Stars Withdraw for Artistic and Financial Reasons

Khabarni – For artistic and financial reasons, a good number of Ramadan drama stars withdrew this year, at a time when many artistic works were threatened with delay or cessation.

The artist Mahmoud Abdel Mughni is considered one of the artists who apologized for not being part of the series “Run the Monsters,” due to his being busy filming other works of art, which led to the difficulty of coordinating filming schedules.

After 23 years of presenting the series “The Family of Hajj Metwally”, which achieved great success at the time of its broadcast, the series returns in a second part entitled “Children of Hajj Metwally”, and the work scheduled to be shown during the Ramadan 2024 race suffers from several successive apologies among its star team. .

The series of withdrawals began with the artist Rania Youssef, who is one of the heroes of the series, and then the matter continued with the apology of the artist Wafa Amer, and the artist Nermin Al-Feki joined her.

Like Youssef, Al-Feki and Amer, the Syrian star Karam Al-Shaarani withdrew from starring in the series “Taj”, which stars Tim Hassan and Bassam Koussa, after more than 14 years.

Al-Shaarani confirmed in his statements to local media that the withdrawal came after the company producing the series “Break of Bones 2” decided to complete filming, after a hiatus that lasted several months, which put him in a dilemma regarding his presence to film and coordinate between the two series.

It is noteworthy that the first part of the Syrian social series “Kisar Al-Azm” won several successes and awards during its showing in 2022, and the character of the artist Karam Shaarani, known as “Haitham”, had gained wide fame, as Al-Shaarani confirmed that “he did not prefer the series Kasr Al-Azm over Taj.” .

Al-Shaarani stated that he contacted Al-Sabah Company, which produced the work, and director Samer Barqawi, and apologized to them, and the issue was resolved and they withdrew amicably.

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