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The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan announces the assumption of the presidency

“[Parlamenta spīkers Kanats] Isaev signed an application for resignation today. Today, all the responsibilities of the head of state have completely passed to me, “Japarov told supporters at the government building.” I congratulate you on your victory. Today, everything has fallen into place. “

President Sooronbay Jenbekbekov reportedly announced his resignation on Thursday, explaining that he wanted to avoid further clashes between militias and protesters demanding his resignation.

By law, a new president must be elected within three months of resigning.

The term of the Kyrgyz president passes to the speaker of the parliament, Isaev, after his resignation, but on Thursday he allowed the media to give up the possibility of taking office as the term of office of the members of the parliament is coming to an end. According to the constitution, the parliamentary term will expire at the end of October.

As Isaev has resigned as interim president, it must be taken over by Prime Minister Japarov.

The Kyrgyz parliament on Wednesday confirmed the opposition leader Sadir Japarov, who was released during the protests, as a prime minister, paving the way for a solution to the crisis following the annulment of the opposition’s parliamentary elections.

During the protests, Dzeenbekov promised to resign after the approval of the prime minister and the government.

Kyrgyzstan held parliamentary elections on 4 October and, according to official results, four parties entered the parliament, three of which support the current head of state.

The opposition refused to recognize the election results, leading to protests.

On the night of October 6, protesters occupied the parliament building, which also houses the president’s office, and released former prisoner Almazbek Atambayev and several opposition leaders, including the founder of the opposition party Mekecchil (Patriots), Japarov.

On October 6, the Central Election Commission annulled the results of the parliamentary elections.

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