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The Ongoing Custody Battle and Financial Dispute Between Christian Estrada and Ferka: A Complete Timeline

Diana Garcia | Mexico City Correspondent

Christian Estrada assures that Ferka demands a large amount of money from him so she can see her son, she mocks him

Christian Estrada regretted in “La Casa de los Famosos” for not seeing his son, for not being able to give Ferka the money she demands for child support.

Christian Estrada cries for not being able to see his son and Ferka makes fun

After her separation from Christian Estrada, Ferka has said in different forums, even when she was in “La Casa de los Famosos México”, that he is an unobligated person who does not pay the pension of her son, whom she absolutely supports.

However, now that he is inside “La Casa de los Famosos”, he claims that she demands a large amount of monthly support money that he cannot pay, which is why he cannot see the child.

“I don’t have the money to pay 50,000, 70,000 pesos to see my son. No f**k, he’s my son. “I don’t have the money to pay for that, I don’t have it,” Christian expressed with tears, to which Ferka reacted on her social networks, mocking him. “Pass him Kleenex,” she wrote.

The model assured that he will not speak ill of the mother of his son, even though it seems unfair that he cannot see the little one, because he does not have the amount that she demands.

“I have never spoken ill of her; she from me, yes. I do respect her, because she is a mother and I respect women, because I come from a mother-father: my mother. “A woman raised me and I know how to respect women,” she said.

The story of Christian Estrada and Ferka

After being involved in an alleged love triangle between Alejandra Guzmán and Frida Sofía, who even revealed that she was expecting his child who she spontaneously aborted, Christian met Ferka in 2020 when they both participated in the reality show “Guerreros.”

This coexistence led them to love and courtship, which caused Frida Sofía to warn Ferka that he was a freeloader, who liked to hang on to the fame of his partners.

In love, Christian and Ferka had Leonel in August 2021 and a year later they got engaged, but not without receiving criticism from Frida Sofía, who continued to insist that he was not a good person, unleashing the anger of Ferka, who defended her family.

At the beginning of 2022, the couple got engaged and participated in the reality show “Inseparables”, which they won and in which they received almost two and a half million pesos as a prize.

And when everything seemed to be going well for the couple, who were already preparing their wedding, they announced in October 2022 that they were permanently separated, then beginning a fight for custody of the little one. In those days, Ferka, although happy to have had a son, regretted not having paid attention to Frida Sofía regarding who Christian really was.

In the middle of the legal dispute, Christian was accused by Ferka of having kidnapped the child, so the police arrested him. However, the lawsuit did not proceed and he was released, since he demonstrated that he had the right granted by a judge to have her child every 15 days, and it was in a timely manner, but she did not give it to him. allowed.

In 2023, Ferka was in “La Casa de los Famosos México”, where she not only fell in love with the Spanish actor Jorge Loza, with whom she has a relationship until now, but where she said that Christian owed his son’s pension, since he only wanted paying 15 thousand pesos, which was not even enough to pay the little one’s school tuition.

He assured that he did let him see the child, which Christian denied and continues to deny until now.

Diana García is a correspondent in Mexico City for La Voz Arizona. Follow her coverage on X, formerly Twitter, @DianaGaav.

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