The occupiers are squeezed between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Dnieper – OK SUD

Photo: Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The Ukrainian armed forces continue the counter-offensive in the Kherson region

The Russian army does not have the opportunity to cross the other side of the Dnieper, all the crossings are destroyed by the Ukrainian armed forces.

The Russian invaders are squeezed between the defense forces of Ukraine and the right bank of the Dnieper, said the head of the joint press center of the defense forces of the southern operational command Natalia Gumenyuk on Monday.

“The control of the fire we have on the crossings and transport arteries across the Dnieper makes them understand that they are squeezed between the defense forces and the right bank, the units that are in this part of the Kherson region. Therefore, it was offered them a way out in the form of transition under the auspices of international humanitarian law or homecoming, but you need to understand how, “he said.

According to her, the invaders see no way to retreat to Russia.

“There is information that is really demoralized, they really do not see the purpose of their stay in this direction, they see the example of the East and this inspires them a lot, because they understand that such a course of events is also They see that everything is closer : go further, lay down your arms and go to the exchange fund, rather than move to the border, because in the Kherson region it is far from the border with Russia, unlike the Kharkiv region. .. And along the way they have an obstacle significant: the Dnieper, which, in principle, is now impracticable, impracticable, impracticable for them “, explained Gumenyuk.

He added that there are cases when the leadership of the RF armed forces units contacts the armed forces of Ukraine to agree on the conditions for the deposition of arms.

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“But you understand: they are subject to careful scrutiny, since we have said that the enemy is insidious, there can be various types of provocations, so we check the intentions in many balls,” added Gumenyuk.

Today it became known that in the Kherson region destroyed another crossing invaders across the Dnieper.

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