In New York, the Statue of Liberty confined

New York too. Friday, March 20, Governor Andrew Cuomo declared the containment of New York State and its 20 million inhabitants. “I want to be able [leur] say I did all we could do ”, Cuomo said, cited by the New York Post. “And if everything we do only saves one life, I’ll be happy.”

Restrictions will take effect “Sunday March 22 at 8 pm”, reports the New York tabloid, and will lead to the closure of “Non-essential businesses statewide”. Outdoor activities, such as basketball and other team sports, will be banned, government officials and private sector employees will have to work from home, with some exceptions, and public transport will continue to operate.

Appeal to “seriousness”

“We have to be serious”, said Andrew Cuomo:

We all enjoy individual freedom, something that I will always protect. But everyone also has a responsibility to others. ”

Friday March 22, the Covid-19 was killing “One inhabitant per hour in New York”, indicates the New York Post. By early evening, 43 deaths had been recorded in the city, for 5,683 cases of new coronavirus. The state has become “The epicenter” of the pandemic in the United States, with 40% of cases detected nationwide, highlighted Fox News.

Illinois, the state where the third largest American city, Chicago, is located, also decreed the confinement of its inhabitants Friday. According to Associated Press, these measures taken in California, New York State and Illinois represent 70 million confined residents.


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