The hospitalized Czech president has agreed to meet with the winner of the parliamentary elections

Zeman has a crucial role to play after the election, as the president decides who to entrust with the formation of the government, and he must now choose between the former prime minister and ancient ally Andrei Babiss and right-wing MP Peter Fial, whose coalition “Together” won the parliamentary elections.

In the October 8 parliamentary elections for the Coalition of three center-right parties, the Civic Democrats, TOP 09 and the Christian Democrats, 27.79% of Czechs voted, while the Babish-led populist party Dissatisfied Citizens (UN) supported 27.12% of voters.

The second association of opposition parties, the Pirate Party and the Central Mayors and the Independents, won 15.62% of the vote.

It would be difficult for the UN to gain support in parliament, but “Together” can secure a majority along with an association of other opposition parties.

Zemans was hospitalized on Sunday shortly after meeting Babish. Czech media report that the president has serious liver problems.

Fiala said today that the party associations that have nominated him as their candidate for prime minister want to sign a coalition agreement by November 8.

The new parliament must convene for the first sitting by November 8.

Babish announced on Tuesday that Zeman had promised to entrust him with the formation of a new government on Sunday.

Zemans announced before the election that after the election he would nominate party leaders, not coalition leaders, as prime minister, hinting that Babish would be the first to be entrusted with the attempt to form a government.

However, political scientists admit that given the composition of the new parliament, Babish would have difficulty securing a majority in parliament or continuing to rule with a minority government.

Meanwhile, Czech senators have begun exploring ways to bypass the presidential government.

Under the constitution, both houses of parliament can pass a resolution by a simple majority stating that the president “is unable to perform his duties for serious reasons”.

Following such a resolution, the powers of the President would be taken over by the outgoing Prime Minister and the Speaker of the new Parliament, who would have the right to nominate the next Prime Minister.

But a spokesman for the president stressed today that Zeman is feeling well.

“The president communicates, monitors the political situation and gets acquainted with the news,” a spokesman for Zeman said.

Babish is threatened with fraud in European Union (EU) funds in the Czech Republic, and recently published “Pandora’s documents” show that he has used hidden funds to buy real estate in France offshore.

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