The head physician of the Amur dermatovenous dispensary named the main symptoms of COVID-19

The chief physician of the regional dermatovenerologic dispensary, Alexander Platonov, advises to suspect any cold a priori for coronavirus. He explained in what cases it is necessary to urgently call a doctor.

The general symptoms of coronavirus are very similar to common viral colds. This often leads to late visits and advanced morbidity, says Platonov. The doctor believes that any cold is a priori suspected of coronavirus.

– Along with the general characteristic symptoms, which I just mentioned, there are symptoms characteristic of covid infection. First of all, it is the lack of smell. For no apparent reason, suddenly a person ceases to distinguish smells, tastes. This is a very serious characteristic sign of COVID-19 infection, Platonov said.

If you have several characteristic symptoms at once, such as sore throat, nasal congestion, shortness of breath even with a slight exertion, you need to call the clinic.

– This set of symptoms should prompt the idea of ​​the need to go to your clinic at the place of attachment without fail. See a doctor and tell him all the symptoms. Because with self-medication, the deterioration in well-being can be lightning fast. The doctor will make the right decision on the further tactics of treating this patient, – advises Platonov.

In order not to get infected with coronavirus, the doctor assures, you need to follow the basic rules of prevention: wear protective equipment, use an antiseptic, wash your hands after the street for at least a minute, do not go to public places, and so on.

Help IA “”: Alexander Platonov is the chief physician of the regional dermatovenerologic dispensary. He is a doctor of the highest qualification category in the organization of health care, an honored doctor of the Russian Federation, chairman of the board of the Medical Chamber of the Amur Region.

By the way, scientists have found out that tests for coronavirus give an error in almost half of the cases. This information confirm and in the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, recognizing that due to improper sampling techniques, a lot of tests give a false negative result.


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