THE BALL – «We have copied Guardiola for 15 years, we must opt ​​for the German style» (Italy)

Fabio Capello, a 75-year-old veteran coach and one of the voices always attentive to what is happening in world football, especially in Italy – he was ahead of Juventus, Milan and Roma, in addition to having been Russia and England coach – defended, this Friday on Friday, in statements to Sky Sports Italia, that the blue Team stayed out of the World Championship due to the game model adopted by coach Roberto Mancini.

“The explanation for the elimination of the 2022 World Cup play-off final is very simple. I have long argued that we are copying Guardiola’s style of football (Manchester City’s Spanish coach) 15 years ago. We play a football of passing to the side, backwards, we are always sending ourselves to the ground, and even a mediocre team like the one from North Macedonia, at the physical level, was superior in dynamism, strength and determination.. .», he shot.

“Everything became very clear after yesterday’s defeat, especially until we realized that the model to copy is the German. In the current one, we won’t be successful, because if we want to play like Guardiola does because we don’t have a superior technique, we won’t be able to. We were always at 50%. We have to copy the German model in terms of determination, vertical play and depth”, he concluded.

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