“Your Face Sounds Familiar” without Wiśniewski. There was a better one in the jury?

The episode started with the performance of the King of Pop – Michael Jackson, played by Viki Gabor! The youngest participant faced the song “Black or White” and performed it phenomenally! Katarzyna Skrzynecka did not spare Gabor nice words, but unfortunately not everyone shared her opinion.

Andrzej Kozłowski played the legend of Polish music, Maryla Rodowicz. He sang the song “Sing Sing”. He was phenomenal in this role!

Karolina Pisarek took us on a trip to France and sang the song “Tu es fotu” In-Grid. Małgorzata Walewska appreciated the efforts of the young star.

Maciej Radel played the role of Adam Levin from the band Maroon 5 and performed the song “Girls like you”. It was not an easy task for him due to … the lack of choreography. Stage traffic usually helps participants, and sometimes even a bargaining chip in the fight to win.

Patryk Cebulski has shown that he is great in the rock repertoire. He performed as Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters and performed the song “The Pretender” and with this performance he lit the stage red and impressed Robert Janowski.

Anna Jurksztowicz, who played the singer Pink and sang her very emotional song “What about us”. Some people got shivers after her performance! It is no wonder that she was exceptionally convincing in the role of a foreign singer.

The winner of the third episode, Ania Rusowicz, this time became a disco-polo star, and more precisely the vocalist of the MIG band – Marek Gwiazdowski! She sang the song “Lalunia”. She was not alone, however, with Marek’s brother Krzysztof Gwiazdowski accompanying her on stage. Their performance was unique!

Kasia Skrzynecka, however, showed a bit more enthusiasm, appreciating the male incarnation of Ania Rusowicz. It is amazing that a singer with such a unique voice managed to hide it.

There is a historic moment in “Your Face Sounds Familiar”! For the first time in the program, a foreign star sang a song in Polish! Danzel performed the song “Time Machine” by Ryszard Riedl from the Dżem! It cannot be denied that he did great, and his performance not only won the favor of jurors, but also touched the hearts of TV viewers.

Robert Janowski, who replaced Michał Wiśniewski, also agreed with his friend. He admitted that the performance of the foreign singer is very important because Danzel faced the legend of the Polish scene.

Ultimately, it was the Belgian singer who took first place. He donated the check for 10,000 zlotys to the Polish Center for International Aid Foundation.

Although the fight was as fierce as even, a winner was decided. After Danzel, Andrzej Kozłowski and Patryk Cebulski came second and third. The full table of results is presented below.

Table of results after the 4th episode:

1. Danzel

2. Andrzej Kozłowski

3. Patryk Cebulski

4. Anna Jurksztowicz

5. Maciek Radel

6. Viki Gabor

7. Ania Rusowicz

8. Karolina Pisarek

The “Your Face Sounds Familiar” program was broadcast on Polsat over 8 years ago and it immediately won a large group of loyal fans. The program’s fanpage has over 402,000 followers, and for internet portals, star metamorphosis is still one of the hottest topics. During the broadcast of the show, Polsat is invariably the market leader in both auditoriums from the first episode. “Your Face Sounds Familiar” is a production that many artists dream of participating in. Joining the group of participants is an ennoblement and an opportunity to gain new, non-standard experiences, despite the fact that they will have hundreds of hours of work: vocal and choreographic training. So far, over 100 stars of the Polish music, theater and film scene have participated in the show.

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