Redfall co-op inspired by Borderlands, Diablo and Dungeons & Dragons

文章: Jonas Maki – The only thing we really know about Redfall’s release date is that it will launch for PC and Xbox Series S/X in the first six months of 2023, there are rumors He said it would come out at the end of that period. Fortunately, Arkane Austin seems ready to talk […]

The countdown to the Xbox sale has begun: Sina Hong Kong

文章: Jonas Maki – A few weeks ago, Sony kicked off the year-end deal sale (werelationshipPass). With the Sony deal closing tomorrow, it leaves room for Microsoft to start up their rival, calledcountdown salethe deal will run for another two weeks and mayit’s herewalk out. We’ve found ten great options across a variety of […]

December’s additions to the PlayStation Plus catalog announced

Article: Jakob Hansen – In recent months, Sony has been busy adding PlayStation Plus Extras and Premiums to their catalogues, offering exciting titles to their members. now they haveto publishThe latest series of games, especially for fans of the open world, has a lot to look forward to, as several games from Yakuza, Far […]

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Coming in April

Article: Jakob Hansen – Although Mega Man is primarily known as a difficult platformer, in the early 2000s, Mega Man vs. MMO turned the series into a tactical RPG. The spin-off series has been very successful, with six entries released in quick succession (ten if you count Pokémon-style variants). You’ll be able to experience […]

Tekken 8 will be presented at The Game Awards

文章: Jonas Maki – Earlier this fall, we finally got an announcement for the next installment in the Tekken series. Here, the somewhat dysfunctional Mishima family will continue to work out problems with their fists, which often leads to really interesting games. Considering how good Tekken 7 has been and all the top-notch post-launch […]

Street Fighter 6 was rated by age – Hong Kong Sina

文章: Jonas Maki – Age rating agencies often tend to be really great sources of unannounced video game news and often leak upcoming games and favorites, even including information about what to expect. But the age rating itself can tell us something, even if we already knew about the game in advance and did […]

Xbox has already started the big Black Friday sale – yqqlm

文章: Jonas Maki – With only a week left until Black Friday, Black Friday has turned into a full week (or more) of shopping for most businesses. While the discounts on these long-term sales often aren’t as good as they used to be, there’s still plenty of bargains to be had, especially when it […]

Vampire Survivors has touch controls – Sina Hong Kong

文章: Jonas Maki – Poncle’s Vampire Survivor was an instant hit when it released on PC last month. Its addictive gameplay is all about surviving waves of attacking monsters, and new audiences joined the Xbox fun a week ago after it was added to Game Pass. Playing the game is now easier than ever […]