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Age rating agencies often tend to be really great sources of unannounced video game news and often leak upcoming games and favorites, even including information about what to expect.

But the age rating itself can tell us something, even if we already knew about the game in advance and did not reveal any new information. This is because age ratings are often a sign that a title is really close to the finish line in development. And now Street Fighter 6 is happening. A game that we know a lot about, but other than Capcom’s claim that it will be released in 2023, it has no release date.

Thanks for the sharp eyesResetEra userswe now know that Street Fighter 6 is age-rated in South Korea. While it’s certainly interesting that 15 years have passed since South Korea, it also suggests that a December 9 release date during The Game Awards is likely. and it may be sooner than expected.

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