Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Coming in April

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Although Mega Man is primarily known as a difficult platformer, in the early 2000s, Mega Man vs. MMO turned the series into a tactical RPG. The spin-off series has been very successful, with six entries released in quick succession (ten if you count Pokémon-style variants).

You’ll be able to experience all the games on modern hardware soon, as Capcom has revealed that Mega Man Legacy Collection will launch on April 19, 2023 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam. The collection can even play most game titles online.

The physical version for PS4 and Nintendo Switch will include all ten variants of the game, while the digital edition is divided into two volumes and includes the following games:

Volume 1:

    • Mega Man 3: White

Volume 2:

    • Mega Man 4: Blue Moon
    • Mega Man 4: Red Sun
    • Mega Man 5: The Colonel’s Squad
    • Mega Man Battle Network 5:Team Protoman
    • Mega Man 6: Cybeast Gregar
    • Mega Man 6: Cybeast Falzar

Check out the trailer for Mega Man Legacy Collection below.

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