Tekken 8 will be presented at The Game Awards

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文章: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cn

Earlier this fall, we finally got an announcement for the next installment in the Tekken series. Here, the somewhat dysfunctional Mishima family will continue to work out problems with their fists, which often leads to really interesting games.

Considering how good Tekken 7 has been and all the top-notch post-launch support it has received, we strongly believe that Tekken 8 is one to watch. Next time we’ll see it during The Game Awards. This was revealed by Aris on Twitter, who received a Tekken 8 T-shirt from Bandai Namco, and the packaging says we should tune in to the show, which will be December 9 at 00 GMT:30 / CET 1:30 to start.

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