The first political leader, about the Recorder report: ‘I don’t remember a more violent attack on her than the one launched by the users and their servants in the press’ – News by sources

A report published on the website, categorized as a manipulator by the intellectual elite, caused a stir in the online environment between USR politicians and their voters, recognized anti-clerics, especially anti-Orthodox and Orthodox. A deputy of the cataloged neo-Marxists, Simona Tulbure, from USR, accuses that “The Romanian Orthodox Church, through the Patriarchate and those […]

Stelian Ion stabs Iohannis, before going to consultations: ‘I hope it will not be just a tick of the constitutional presidential attributions’ – News by sources

Former Minister of Justice Stelian Ion hopes that the meeting scheduled for Monday at the Controceni Palace will be an opportunity for real consultations, not to be “just a check of the constitutional presidential attributions”. “I hope that the meeting in Cotroceni will be the occasion for real consultations, beyond any partisanship, and not just […]

PSD and USR set difficult conditions for the support of the new Government: salary increases, pensions and allowances vs. modification of the new PNDL and depoliticization of CAs

PNL, ie the party expected to start negotiations for the formation of a new Government, is caught these days between two political “offers” of collaboration that will put the Liberals in difficult situations, whatever the choice of the party led by Florin Cîţu. Because both PSD and USR are willing to come to the table […]

After the appearance of some images according to which Clotilde Armand would have entered the voting room on the eve of the elections, Ciolacu demands her resignation, and Armand accuses a “fake news”

“Some clarifications for the televisions that broadcast images with” Clotilde with his hand on the votes! ” and I say that I would have been in that room in the BES 1 headquarters: bad luck! The respective lady indicated by Tudorache’s lawyer and the PSD home televisions is not me. It looks like it but […]