PSD and USR set difficult conditions for the support of the new Government: salary increases, pensions and allowances vs. modification of the new PNDL and depoliticization of CAs

PNL, ie the party expected to start negotiations for the formation of a new Government, is caught these days between two political “offers” of collaboration that will put the Liberals in difficult situations, whatever the choice of the party led by Florin Cîţu. Because both PSD and USR are willing to come to the table […]

UPDATE – The head of the Chancellery of the prime minister has resigned

Update: The head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Mircea Hossu, resigned. His resignation comes on the same day as the resignation of USR PLUS ministers, in the context of the conflict generated around the prime minister. *** Hossu has the rank of minister. According to some News sources, although he is a PLUS […]

UDMR positions itself on the side of PNL in the coalition scandal: ‘I don’t think that at the moment the issue of changing the prime minister must be raised’ – News by sources

The leader of the UDMR senators, Lorand Turos, considers that this coalition must go further and stated that USR PLUS can propose another Minister of Justice, in place of Stelian Ion, dismissed by Prime Minister Florin Cîţu. “I don’t think the issue of changing the prime minister should be raised at the moment,” he said. […]