The existence of this monstrous black hole so soon after the Big Bang challenges astronomers

Recently discovered by astronomers, Pōniuā’ena is the second most distant quasar ever discovered. Its discovery sheds light on researchers’ theories regarding the formation of black holes. The astronomers Mauna Kea observatories in Hawaii have discovered that a Titan has an opaque atmosphere that prevents us from seeing the ground. The atmospheric pressure on the ground […]

NASA offers a virtual tour of the black hole in the center of the Milky Way

Exploring the heart of our Galaxy as if you were there, it is now possible thanks to a new experience in virtual reality, combining the cutting edge of astronomical observation and computer science. Baptized Galactic Center VR, the latest experience offered by astrophysicists of the Nasa invites you on a breathtaking journey. Crossing the data […]

A giant red star survived a black hole by becoming a white dwarf

The observation of X-ray emissions by black holes often makes it possible to discover what is happening in their vicinity. Those associated with the supermassive black hole of the GSN 069 galaxy are remarkably quasi-periodic, suggesting the presence of a white dwarf, the remains of a red giant, which survives the tidal forces of the […]

Help astronomers unlock the secrets of supermassive black holes

Have you always dreamed of helping to discover black holes and unravel their mysteries? A few years ago, this was already possible by helping astrophysicists to hunt supermassive black holes in the data collected by the VLA radio telescopes. The hunt continues today with the help of another radio telescope network and a new global […]