“Discover Stock Trends in Thailand and Potential Opportunities Pre and Post 2023 General Election With TNN Wealth Talk – Stream Online Movies”

TNN WEALTH TALK Thai stock direction Opportunities before and after the 2023 General Election. Guests – Khun Kornphat Worachet, Senior Vice President, Research and Investment Service Department, Krungsri Patanasin Securities – Khun Thiwa Chintadapong, Valued Equity Investor – Mr.Ministry Jarusira, Chairman of the Board Super Trader Holding, hosted by Joy Sopha Chantarumai . #TNNLueTang66 #ThaiStock […]

Chairul Tanjung Bertumbang’s Transmart Retail Outlet

Thursday, 2 February 2023 – 17:08 WIB VIVA – Octopus business owned by the entrepreneur Chairul Tanjungthat is ok PT Trans Retail Indonesia hypermarket or Transmartlooks deserted visitors until the product sold is empty. Rumors circulated that the retail business would also be closed in several places. One of the Transmart outlets that was empty […]

Those Who Don’t Know Take Leave Together to Earn Money in Jakarta

Jakarta – The government has set this day as holiday together Chinese New Year 2023. However, it turns out that there are still a group of people who work on holidays and even into the early hours of the morning to make a profit in Jakarta. They are merchants in the central area of ​​the […]

Fines are triggered for those who do not accept the Pos – Economy

Fines arriving for traders, artisans and professionals who from Thursday will not allow their customers to pay with credit or debit cards via Pos. accept electronic payments, but also the application of sanctions in case of failure to comply with the law. With the aim of pursuing tax evasion in every way and at every […]

Today’s Tech Terms: Rekt

Canva Rekt is a term for crypto players who have suffered heavy losses. Usually, a crypto player who experiences Rect buys the asset at the highest price then the price drops significantly and he decides to cut loss. For trader It is also common to use this term for investors who make bad decisions by […]

FMD-affected meat can be consumed at a temperature of 95 degrees

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Chairman of the Cutting Network and Trader Indonesian Meat (Jappdi) Asnawi says meat animals infected with foot and mouth disease (PMK) can still be consumed. He said meat infected with FMD can be consumed if it is cooked at a temperature of 95 degrees Celsius for 15 to 30 minutes. “Meat […]

Viral Trader Claims to Have a Private Jet, Eh Netizens Revealed His Lie

Jakarta – This man went viral because he claimed to be rich in the stock business. When the upload went viral, netizens even exposed the lies he did. The viral trader uploaded his confession of being rich through the stock business on Anai Anai Trader’s Facebook account. On January 31, 2022, Anai Anai Trader uploaded […]

Indodax Shares Crypto Asset Tips, Beginner Traders Are Ready To Earn A Lot

GenPI.co – Asset crypto Indonesian people are currently busy discussing it as an alternative investment that is considered to bring money. CEO Indodax, Oscar Darmawan also raised his voice regarding this condition. Oscar then advised novice traders to start investing in safe crypto to earn money. READ ALSO: Crazy, Bitcoin Price Can Reach Rp 3.6 […]

Never Made the Wrong Decision, Lo Kheng Hong Gives 5 Holdings to Investors

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Seasoned investors Lo Kheng Hong has been 32 years of tasting sour and salt investment in the capital market. Various economic conditions in the country have been passed. According to Lo Kheng Hong investing is not difficult. “Investing is easy and simple for those who have goals and are patient,” he said, […]