Putin announces Russia’s plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has announced that his country intends to station tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus. This move, which comes amid escalating tensions between Moscow and the West, is likely to further strain relations between Russia and its NATO neighbors. Putin’s announcement has raised concerns about the potential risks of nuclear conflict in […]

Why Fumio Kishida’s Visit to Ukraine Was a Surprise: Three Possible Reasons

Three reasons why Fumio Kishida made a surprise visit to Ukraine On March 22 local time, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida concluded his quick visit to Ukraine. Fumio Kishida’s visit was kept secret until the last minute. Kishida’s trip is also a rare exception. According to the practice since the 30th National Congress of Japan […]

Ahead of his Russia visit, Putin praises Chinese president as a ‘loyal old pal’

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently praised his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, as a “good old friend” and expressed eagerness to meet with him ahead of his visit to Russia. The upcoming talks between the two leaders are seen as critical to Russia’s international ties amid escalating tensions with the West. Putin has been looking to […]

“Putin’s Warning to China from Maripol Surprises Many”

Ukraine peace plan Putin in Mariupol: A warning signal to China’s head of state Xi 19.03.2023, 13:37 | Reading time: 4 minutes Beijing: President Xi travels to Russia on Monday Beijing President Xi travels to Russia on Monday Against the background of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, Chinese President Xi Jinping will travel to Russia […]

Putin’s Visit to the Occupied Ukrainian City of Mariupol

On December 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a visit to the occupied Ukrainian city of Mariupol, sparking outrage from Ukrainian officials and the international community. As tensions continue to simmer between the neighboring nations, this visit can be seen as a pointed move by Putin to assert Russia’s influence over the disputed territories of […]

Varadkar claims that appeasing Putin will not halt the attack on Ukraine.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have reached a critical point after Russia amassed military forces at the Ukrainian border. While some leaders may advocate appeasement policies to avoid an escalation of violence, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has issued a stark warning: Appeasement will not make Putin halt his attack on Ukraine. In this article, […]

News Analysis-Putin’s “temporarily withdrawing from the US-Russia Arms Limitation Treaty” was criticized, and China was suspected of being a “peacemaker” in the Russia-Ukraine war

Putin’s “temporary withdrawal from the US-Russia arms limitation treaty” was criticized The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty signed by the United States and Russia in 2010 is the last effective arms control treaty between the two sides, but this treaty has gradually disintegrated in recent years. According to Agence France-Presse, US Secretary of State Blinken […]