New tropical cyclone over the Mexican Pacific

Jose Martin Cortes 2 hours ago 5 min Dust from the Sahara, scattered rains and two tropical cyclones off Mexico will be the downside in the coming days. This weekend came the first “important” pulse of sahara dust that crossed the southeast and the Gulf Slope, decreasing rains with dominance of a hot environment and […]

A northern California town is colder than Barrow, Alaska

A cold wave continued to hit Northern California, including more freezing temperatures. According to the National Weather Service, it was actually colder in Alturas, California, in Modoc County, in the far northeast corner of California, than it was in Barrow, Alaska. Barrow sits above the Arctic Circle and is the northernmost city in the United […]

Montserrat Olivier remembers what he lived in the snowfall that affected Texas

The frost that, a few days ago they flogged TexasIt was one of the most devastating in the last 30 years, leaving millions of residents without water, food and electricity and claiming the lives of at least 20 people. This was undoubtedly an unfortunate tragedy, and for those who experienced it closely, such as Montserrat […]

Celtic Frost Discografia Descargar

Certainly Venom and Slayer, perhaps Napalm Death: these are the only three groups that can boast an impact on extreme metal comparable to that of Celtic umremtut. , the thing is amazing. The gentleman we owe all this to is called Tom Gabriel. Complete discography of Celtic Frost – Último launch: Monotheist. – A portal […]

How does the body react to extreme cold?

Asthmatics and people with migraines or back pain feel the frosty cold that literally draws into the body especially. Heart patients should also act cautiously at the current temperatures. The reason: “Extreme cold can lead to a heart attack or sudden cardiac death in the case of exceptional stress,” said cardiologist Prof. Thomas Meinertz WDR. […]

Traffic jam on the A2 – “Something is brewing again”

It remained quiet during the night, but early in the morning another snowfall in central Germany causes problems. Traffic has been jammed for kilometers on Autobahn 2. Photo series with 18 pictures The onset of snowfall slows traffic on the Autobahn 2 near Bad Eilsen on Wednesday morning. As a spokesman for the responsible police […]

Descargar Discografia Celtic Frost –

Although there were plans to follow up “Monotheist”, Thomas G. Celtic Frost Albums And Discography | Fischer announced his departure from Celtic Frost in Aprilciting “the irresolvable, severe erosion of the personal basis so urgently required to collaborate within a band so unique, volatile, and ambitious”, although he later stated that his friendship with […]