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Second Hand DIY and Construction Equipment: A Growing Trend Amidst Rising Waste Production

We know a lot about second hand clothing and furniture. The trend is also growing in DIY and construction. Sectors that are among those that produce the most waste per year. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the issue.

No more DIY big box reflex, Leroy Merlin, Bricomarché, Castorama or others. Madjid hardly goes there anymore, only for small purchases that he can’t find elsewhere. Elsewhere, it is notably in Villeurbanne, in the Minéka association store which offers, second hand, all DIY and construction equipment.

Outside, we see sinks, gates, tiles, concrete bricks. Inside, everything you need in terms of electricity, plumbing and carpentry, Madjid is in heaven. “I found this solution which was quite interesting. That gives me an almost unlimited stock here“, he explains.

“There, I found fiber cement cladding that is quite rare in supermarkets. I have a project to build an exterior staircase,” he adds.

A change in consumption patterns

Behind these projects, there is a desire to change our consumption patterns. Even on DIY, you can buy something other than new.

“Overall, I think that the planet is at the end. We are stopping creating materials with significant energy resources. When you find quality materials in these stores, it’s good to reuse them. It’s very flattering to promote a material that has been neglected. I think the idea is pretty,” says the handyman.

The only drawback for this handyman is that you have to go quite quickly and often come here to the Minéka store because DIY good deals go pretty quickly.

It was Joanne Boachon who had this idea with another co-founder of this association. Joanne is an architect and it was the waste she saw on construction sites that pushed her to open this second-hand DIY store.

“I noticed on several projects that I worked on that there was a lot of waste,” she explains. “The construction sector today, we deconstruct a lot, we rehabilitate and in fact, there are still a lot of materials, products, doors, windows, sinks, parquet that can still be used”.

What also attracts are the prices. Much, much cheaper than in the big DIY stores.

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