Renáta Kellnerová became the ultimate owner of PPF

“Ms. Kellner’s appointment as trustee does not in any way mean that the inheritance proceedings have been closed. Ms. Kellner also represents the family in the meetings of the newly formed PPF Group Steering Committee, which serves as an advisory body to PPF Executive Director Ladislav Bartoníček,” said PPF. According to the CNB’s announcement in […]

The end of PPF founder Kellner can complicate giant projects

In addition, PPF is considering listing the telecommunications company Cetin. Due to recent transactions, the value of Cetin could according to Bloomberg range over 176 billion crowns. There has also been speculation in the market about the entry of the Mall Group internet group on the stock exchange. The PPF Group has a 40% stake […]

Czech Richest Man Killed in Helicopter Crash in USA Page all

ALASKA, – The man who is crowned as the richest man in the Czech Republic, Petr Kellner, died in a helicopter crash of Alaska, United States of America (AS). The news of the billionaire’s death was said by the investment company PPF on Monday (29/3/2021). Kellner died at the age of 56. Through its […]

After Kellner’s dead, the shares of O2 and Moneta fall to the stock market

Shares of O2 and Monety Money Bank fall sharply on the stock market. This happened after the announcement that Petr Kellner, the owner of PPF Group’s investment group, died in the helicopter crash on Saturday. O2 belongs to the PPF portfolio, in Monet PPF should gain roughly a quarter according to Moneta’s securities around 9:30 […]

Partners Bank is started by ČSOB and PPF managers

“We have a complete future board of directors. The team is headed by Marek Ditz, a long-time member of the ČSOB Board of Directors. Tomáš Kořínek is in charge of risk management, “says Petr Borkovec, CEO and majority owner of the Partners group. Kořínek also served on the ČSOB Board of Directors as the head […]

st telecommunications company Cetin could be for sale

<!—-> The PPF investment group of entrepreneur Petr Kellner could sell the name of the name in the Cetin telecommunications division more appropriately, which was not yet expected. According to a Bloomberg source, the transaction could cost the entire division more than 6.7 billion euros (175 billion K), while the two were about 100 billion […]