After Kellner’s dead, the shares of O2 and Moneta fall to the stock market

Shares of O2 and Monety Money Bank fall sharply on the stock market. This happened after the announcement that Petr Kellner, the owner of PPF Group’s investment group, died in the helicopter crash on Saturday. O2 belongs to the PPF portfolio, in Monet PPF should gain roughly a quarter according to Moneta’s securities around 9:30 […]

The Prague Stock Exchange continues to weaken, Komerční banka fell sharply

The Prague Stock Exchange continued to weaken, the PX index fell by 0.26 percent to 868.03 points. Banks in particular drew him down. Only three titles closed with a profit – Avast, ČEZ and Stock. “As on Monday, investors had a negative perception of further restrictions due to coronavirus, which will slow down the economy […]

Unlimited Vodafone data – Aktuálně.cz

Mobile operators compete in offering unlimited data for students. After O2, Vodafone came up with a new offer, which will offer unlimited mobile dating for 599 crowns a month to people under the age of 26 from Monday, the company announced in a press release. In September, O2 introduced unlimited data for young customers for […]