Murder by mixing poison in liquor: Accused bought liquor from the person he intended to kill – Investigation regarding murder mixing poison in liquor | Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama Online

Adimali ∙ Adimali Apsarakunn Putthanpuraikal Sudheesh, who was arrested in the death of his uncle Kunjumon after mixing poison with alcohol to kill his friend Manu due to an old enmity, started preparations for this on the eve of Christmas. 2 half litres, 375ml pints and 2 bottles of wine were bought from a liquor […]

At the end of the threat, the first rank said; ‘I will not go to Kerala Varma’ – Pro cpm teachers threatening call | Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manoram online

Thrissur ∙ ‘They constantly call and threaten. I was mentally exhausted. Even the family is scared.’ This is a WhatsApp message sent by a teacher who is top ranked guest teacher of political science at Kerala Varma College to another teacher. The content of the messages is that 2 teachers from Kerala Varma constantly threatened […]

5 people including the gold smuggler and those who came to extort were arrested by the police – Gold Smuggling | Shutdown Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama online

Karipur ∙ Police arrested 5 people including the passenger who arrived at Kozhikode airport with the gold and the gang members who came to steal the gold with the passenger’s knowledge. Natuvil A. Muhammad Anees (19) by Kannur Thalipparam from Dubai, KV Nias (26) from Kannur Dharmadam from Dubai, MV Girish (31) from Kannur Natuvil, […]