American fires so intense their smoke reaches Europe

Since it began its satellite observations in 2003, the European Copernicus climate change service had never recorded data of such magnitude concerning the fires that ravage the American West. The activity of these fires ” unprecedented “ is, according to the organization, “Tens to hundreds of times more intense” than the average. Unprecedented amounts of […]

“The downward trend seems to be over, we have probably bottomed out”

Posted on Monday, June 29, 2020 at 9:09 a.m. By Sudinfo Many Belgians were worried on Saturday about the new increase in coronavirus cases in our country. A trend that is not so surprising as that for the virologist and inter-federal spokesperson for the crisis Steven Van Gucht. The increase was slight, but it still […]

Coronavirus: in America and India, the peak has not yet been reached

The United States, Latin America and India are facing an outbreak. Florida is facing a “real explosion” of the disease in young people who, thanks to the deconfinement operated since the beginning of June, have returned to the beaches and the nightlife, according to the governor of this state of the south of the United […]

Environment. In India, the thermometer reaches 50 ° C

The rain has finally relieved hundreds of millions of peopleIndians. Northwest India has been suffocating for ten days hell temperatures. In the capital New Delhi, the temperature was up to 47 ° C this week. In the city of Churu, in the Thar Desert, in Rajasthan, the thermometer went up to 50 ° C, a […]

France: child with form close to Kawasaki disease has died

Un 9-year-old child, suffering from symptoms of a form close to Kawasaki disease described in young patients who have been in contact with the coronavirus, is dead, first death of this type in France, we learned on Friday with his doctor. The child, who died of “neurological damage related to cardiac arrest”, had “serology showing […]

at the airport, the patient “had no symptoms”

“Brussels South Charleroi Airport has learned that a passenger from northern Italy could potentially be a carrier of the Covid-2019 coronavirus. It would then have left on its own to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, “the airport said in a statement in the morning. ► The sick person did not arrive in Charleroi this Saturday: […]

donations explode, more than 300,000 euros collected!

Posted on Friday, February 21, 2020 at 9:27 p.m. American actor Brad Williams launched a crowdfunding campaign to allow Quaden to go to Disneyland. The story of Quaden, a 9-year-old Australian boy with dwarfism, sparked outrage on the web. In a video shared by his mom, the child explains that he wants to end his […]

Tiffany injects fecal matter into 15-year-old son with leukemia

Posted on Friday, December 27, 2019 at 8:21 p.m. This mom had no other idea than to inject stool into the blood of her sick son. These are deplorable facts recounted by our colleagues from Closer. Tiffany, a mother from Indiana, in the United States, put her sick 15-year-old son through a ordeal. At the […]