“I always dreamed of being a Yankee”

New York.- The Dominican Luis Polonia, known by some as ‘the King of Hit’ and by others as ‘the Atomic Ant’, said that if he had to choose a team he would always stay with the Yankees, referring to which of the three teams with which he won World Series titles would choose. And it […]

Over 1,700 U.S. Flights Canceled Due to Winter Storm

Winter weather on Tuesday brought frost across a wide swath of USA, that forced the cancellation of more than 1,700 flights nationwide and paralyzed traffic on the highways. At least two people died on slippery roads in Texas and two state troopers were seriously injured, including an officer who was trapped under a truck, authorities […]

The EU faces a price hike for Covid vaccines in new contracts | companies

The announced rise in prices of Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines on the other side of the Atlantic may also be reflected in the European Union at the time that the Community Executive of Ursula von der Leyen is renegotiating supply contracts. The European Commission is currently negotiating to reduce the number of vaccines that […]

The main villain in LeBron James’ career?

The last confrontation between the Boston Celtics y LeBron James, brought with it thousands of comments around the world, due to its controversial ending, which was directly impacted by the referees, by not whistling a foul that Jayson Tatum committed against James. The next day, the referees recognized that they were wrong, but this did […]

The Government reaffirms its commitment to the protection of children’s health

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has highlighted the expansion and improvement in the protection of children’s health that will mean the new 2023 lifelong vaccination schedule, recently approved by the Interterritorial Council of the SNS, and which includes three new Vaccines for the most… The health minister, Caroline Dariashas highlighted the expansion and improvement […]

Seven new cholera cases detected in Villa Liberación and Solares

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Ministry of Public health detected seven new cases of cholera through corresponding analyses, including six Dominicans, four male and two female, residing in Villa Liberación and the Solares del Almirante in Santo Domingo Este. The males are between 66, 41, 35 and 23 years old respectively, while the Dominicans are 47 and […]

the new WhatsApp scam in 2023

The National Police has alerted through its social networks of a new scam committed by WhatsApp. This new scam consists of the scammer contacting women and posing as their son to request money. He already known as the Mom and Dad WhatsApp scam goes far beyond impersonating a public administration or a bank, in this […]

Al Horford keeps DR representation afloat in the NBA

The veteran player from Puerto Plata, 36 years old, has maintained his offensive production, adding accurate shots from behind the three-point line In the last season, the Dominican Republic was represented at the NBA by three players, who had outstanding performances for their respective franchises. Even, Al Horfordwas a key piece in the arrival of […]

RD has 6,076,183 million with two doses

Dominican Republic has 6,076,183 million adults with two doses of vaccine against covid-19. However, the country has a segment of the population that has refused to be vaccinated, according to information from the authorities, these are the people who still arrive in critical condition to intensive care rooms and ventilators. When reviewing the data from […]