The health commissioner asks to be vaccinated against Covid and the flu

According to data provided by the city’s top health official, Dr. Ashwin Vasan, nearly 2,000 New Yorkers die each year from the common flu, both from health problems and from not being vaccinated against the flu. The official urged New Yorkers to immunize themselves with reinforcement doses or boosters, against Covid 19, to continue avoiding … Read more

I’m afraid it will harm the babies in the brain

National and municipal health officials received the Covid-19 vaccine booster at a pediatric clinic in Upper Manhattan on Monday. This is with the aim of promoting the booster vaccine and thus helping to bridge the gap in the rate of injection, especially among children. “What matters is getting vaccinated,” said Xavier Becerra, secretary of the … Read more

New York eradicates the necessity of a mask for general public transportation

New York Point out has abolished the necessity to don a mask on community transit, Governor Kathy Hochul declared Wednesday. Mask use will be inspired but not required on buses and trains, like the New York City subway method, Hochul mentioned. “Setting up nowadays, experience masks will be optional in some spots exactly where they … Read more

The NYPD detective asks the Supreme Courtroom to block the vaccine warrant

A police detective questioned the Supreme Court to cease the metropolis from firing him and other personnel for refusing to get vaccinated towards COVID-19. Detective Anthony Marciano’s attorneys on Thursday petitioned the court docket for an unexpected emergency injunction stopping the metropolis from enforcing a rule necessitating all metropolis workers to be vaccinated. Marciano, a … Read more

They distribute Covid test packages in Jackson Heights

Amparo Gaviria was one of dozens of Jackson Heights residents who took several free covid tests home this Monday. “This is here to stay, but you have to take care of yourself,” Gaviria said. Where Gaviria lives there are about eight tenants who rent rooms, and for her, who has lung problems, protecting herself, now … Read more

Face mask in crowded indoor, outdoor public places

The city’s Health department called on New Yorkers to return to wearing ‘high-quality masks’ when in indoor public places and in groups outside due to the high levels of Covid the City is experiencing again. The department put out a message on social media with examples of the type of masks that should be worn. … Read more

FDA weighs whether to offer new COVID vaccines in the fall

Advisors to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are analyzing today whether they will offer the new booster vaccines against COVID-19, which have been modified to better adapt to the mutations of the coronavirus, in the fall. This after Moderna and Pfizer laboratories tested updated injections against the contagious omicron variant. Many experts say that … Read more

Vaccination centers in NYC will inoculate children under 5 years of age

Starting today, the city’s vaccination centers will start inoculating children under 5 years of age, now that they are eligible for the COVID vaccine. Private centers, such as Montefiore Family Care, in the Bronx, began offering the vaccine for the little ones yesterday. RELATED STORIES: They begin to inoculate children under 5 years of age. … Read more

NYC asks to wear a mask in public again due to covid rebound

The New York authorities today asked the population to wear a mask again in all public indoor places and announced that they will distribute millions of home tests to try to contain the rebound in covid-19 cases that is being registered in the city. The recent rise in infections has put the Big Apple on … Read more

Happy students removed vaccine requirement for ‘prom’

Kayleena Moya says that the prom is something you only experience once. Moya is a 16-year-old Puerto Rican senior at John Adams High School in Ozone Park. “Happy, sad, frustrating, all emotions mixed up,” Moya said. Due to the pandemic last year, New York students were unable to attend the prom if they were not … Read more