They distribute Covid test packages in Jackson Heights

Amparo Gaviria was one of dozens of Jackson Heights residents who took several free covid tests home this Monday.

“This is here to stay, but you have to take care of yourself,” Gaviria said.

Where Gaviria lives there are about eight tenants who rent rooms, and for her, who has lung problems, protecting herself, now that cases are on the rise, is a priority.

“So I need those who live in my house, who are several, to do it so that I am not going to infect myself and in time, you understand me,” added Gaviria.

Gonzalez Rojas.

About 300 tests were distributed between 34th Avenue and 77th Street by Assemblywoman Jessica Gonzalez Rojas in light of the increase in positive cases in Jackson Heights.

“So it is very important to distribute these tests to the community that does not have access to much medical health,” said González Rojas.

Here, the contagion average is 16.91 above the 14.9 percent of the city.

And in the surrounding neighborhoods, things are even worse: north of Astoria the infection rate is 20.11 percent. In Elmhurst it is 19.15, north of Corona 18.59 percent and in Woodside 18.27 percent.

And while most residents here in Jackson Heights have already received at least one dose of the vaccine, Assemblywoman González Rojas said distributing these tests is essential during this time of great uncertainty.

In Jackson Heights, one of the hardest-hit communities during the peak of this pandemic, many of its residents are still not on the mend.

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One line goes to a food bank that operates in the same place where they are giving the tests.

Looking for the pantry.

There are hundreds of people like Marcelina Sandoval who stock up on this pantry every Monday.

Sandoval lost her job cleaning houses and now doesn’t have a steady job.

“We only trust in God, because the only one who is going to save us is God,” Sandoval said.

And let’s remember that the city’s Health Department recommended that they wear masks indoors and outdoors where there are many people.

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