Happy students removed vaccine requirement for ‘prom’

Kayleena Moya says that the prom is something you only experience once. Moya is a 16-year-old Puerto Rican senior at John Adams High School in Ozone Park.

“Happy, sad, frustrating, all emotions mixed up,” Moya said.

Due to the pandemic last year, New York students were unable to attend the prom if they were not vaccinated against Covid.

This year they will be able to attend the party regardless of vaccination status.


Mayor Eric Adams announced that the immunization requirement has been lifted for public school students.

90 percent of high school students have at least one dose of the vaccine, according to the mayor’s office. And of those, 24 percent have received a booster. Kayleena says that several friends have not yet been vaccinated.

“I would like to share this last year with many of those friends of mine there.”

Several parents at the school said their children are vaccinated.

“We shouldn’t worry so much,” said Ivelisse Barreto.

“I think it’s good now to realize the reality of what you are thinking and in any case you have to leave this, the fear and move on,” Pablo Valladares said for his part.

But while the vaccine is no longer required for students, it is still a requirement for any prom guest. Something that has created controversy among some parents.

“Why don’t they give the same treatment to the guests, to those who are and are not vaccinated? Because if there are going to be students without getting vaccinated, why can’t there be parents of families or guests, without getting vaccinated? Which one is going to make the difference?” said Sandra Torre.

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Meanwhile, the city government continues to encourage students to get vaccinated and wear masks at dances and graduations.

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