“My family and I were fans of America”

The Deportes Tolima forward spoke about the market rumors that place him in the America from Cali and in passing he showed his affection for the club. For several days, the management has been done so that Gustavo Torres placeholder image I ended up changing clubs, which is why America de Cali is looking for […]

Billionaires agree to donate nearly $ 50 billion

The rich agree to give away nearly $ 50 billion The Giving Pledge initiative, founded by Bill Gates, has already joined 231 contributors from 28 countries. The richest people on the planet, including 11 billionaires, have joined the Giving Pledge initiative – 14 people have pledged to donate most of their capital, which is estimated […]

Millionaires and a news about Andrés Román against América de Cali

Although the options are getting more and more complicated, Millionaires he still hopes to qualify for the grand final of Colombian football. The ‘Ambassador’ team hopes that the results will be given to them and they will be able to enter the final game for the title. Can see: The three statistics that Millonarios leads […]

Free route for Nacional, Millionaires and America: signing in sight

The transfer market opens in January, so the clubs are waiting to hire players to build the next season and achieve the objectives set within the internal. Although the Colombian championship is being contested, there is a player who is being watched by three of the eight teams that play home runs. Atlético Nacional, America […]

America surprised Millonarios and won their first home run game

America did not have a good time, away from their court and without their fans encouraging them, they suffered the effects of the Arenosa heat and the good tactical order with which Gamero stopped his team on the field of play to seek to win it with his characteristic game on the wings and with […]