Norway prepared for possible influx of Afghan asylum seekers

The Taliban has launched several offensives against Afghan government forces in recent times. They have shrugged off the withdrawal of foreign forces and taken control of a number of districts, border crossings and surrounded provincial capitals. This has led to government soldiers deserting, while civilians stand in hour-long queues to secure a passport to get […]

victims of abuse in the family – Telemundo Phoenix / Tucson

PHOENIX- The search for the American dream for a 17-year-old Honduran girl began with the need to escape certain death in her family. “He reached the limit once of leaving me 15 bruises on my body and he would drive us into the gravel and put blocks on top of our hands with our hands […]

IND misses its own deadline for clearing asylum arrears | NOW

The Immigration and Naturalization Service IND will not succeed in resolving the backlog in asylum applications this year. A special task force had been set up to clear the backlog, but it will not meet the self-imposed deadline. It is expected that seven thousand cases will remain by the end of the year, state secretary […]

EU countries are not obliged to accept asylum seekers, even in crises | NOW

The European Commission is not going to oblige EU member states to accept certain numbers of asylum seekers, according to the Migration and Asylum Pact presented on Wednesday. If the proposal is approved, countries will soon have to show a compulsory degree of solidarity in new crises, depending on the size and prosperity of the […]

Shocking stories from Lesvos: – They force us back at sea

The light from the flashlights hits an orange inflatable boat. A small hand opens the tent on the lifeboat and eleven people look out. It was the sight that met the Turkish lifeboat at the end of August. A little girl holds on to her doll as she is lifted into the Turkish boat, and […]

Asylum seeker has to tell about flight motive after Moria deal without a lawyer | NOW

Lawyers and aid organizations are very concerned about the agreements surrounding the new Moria deal, writes Faithful. Refugees will soon have to tell about their flight motive upon arrival, without the assistance of a lawyer. Last Thursday, the coalition parties concluded the Moria agreement. Due to the exceptional situation, it was decided to take in […]

Asylum seeker can now get time-out after causing major nuisance NOW

Asylum seekers who cause major nuisance can now be imposed a time-out, state secretary Ankie Broekers-Knol (Justice and Security) reports in a letter to the House of Representatives on Wednesday. In practice, this means that the nuisance provider must temporarily stay in a separate room with minimal facilities. A resident of an asylum seekers’ center […]

Police identify perpetrators after knife attack in Glasgow

NAfter the knife attack in a hotel in Glasgow, Scotland, the police identified the perpetrator. The police said it was a 28-year-old man from Sudan. The man injured six people in the Friday attack and was shot by police officers. The authorities did not expect a terrorist attack. The perpetrator, who himself lived in the […]