Hunting fever in New York: divers are looking for valuable mammoth tusks News

It is perhaps the craziest treasure hunt of all time: Because instead of looking for gold or jewelry boxes, they are looking for the tusks and bones of prehistoric mammoths. After all, the location is world-famous: New York’s East River along Manhattan. ▶︎ A real one hunting fever has broken out, the excitement is almost […]

Mammootty is two years younger than me, but he still calls her Dasetta

Entertainment news One is two years younger than me, but his name is still Dasetta: Mammootty Mammootty says Yesudas is two or three years younger than him. However, Mammootty said he is called Dasetan out of respect. He also said that it’s like old people call him Mammooka. He was speaking at a program held […]

League leadership shocked; Shah Rukh Khan, Mammootty and Asif Ali are also party members! – Muslim League leadership shocked to see names of Shah Rukh Khan, Mammootty and Asif Ali on party membership list | Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manoram online

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ From Shahrukh Khan, Mammootty and Asif Ali to actress Mia Khalifa, member of Muslim League of Kalipankulam district in Nemam constituency. The distribution of league members in Kerala was completed on the 31st. The state leadership had suggested distributing the members from house to house. Those who become members need to upload their […]

Mammootty with the police story again; The beginning of Robbie Raj’s film

The ceremony of the pooja and the lighting of the film directed by Robbie Varghese Raj and starring Mammootty took place at the Pala. This is a film produced by Mammootty’s company after Nanpakal Neerath Mayakkum, Roshak and Kathal. S. George is the executive producer of the film. The story of the film is by […]

Mammootty villain; The release of Christopher’s ‘Sitaram Trimurti’ | Mammoth B Unnikrishnan | Vinai Rai | Christopher | Manorama News | Entertainment news

The attire of villain character in Christopher directed by B. Unnikrishnan starring Mammootty is out. The poster of Sitaram Trimurthy, a villain played by South Indian star Vinay Rai, has been released. Vinay Rai performs Malayalam for the first time. Under the tagline “Biography of a Vigilante Cop,” Christopher is produced by RD Illuminations LLP. […]

Thousands of years old mammoth poop brought back to life in a Dutch laboratory | Science

Dubbed “a kind of microbial Jurassic Park,” the Dutch researchers experiment with 28,500-year-old woolly mammoth droppings. The animal was previously found in perfect condition under the ice of a Siberian island, he writes Fidelity. The mammoth was found in 2012 on the Siberian island of Mali Liakhovski. A special discovery, but it didn’t stop there. […]

“Mammootty-Lijo Magic”; The trailer comes out early in the morning “Mammootty-Lijo Magic”; The trailer of Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam is out

The trailer for ‘Nanpakal Nerath Mayakka’ directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery starring Mammootty was released on Mammootty’s company’s YouTube channel. A one and a half minute trailer was released. Audiences are waiting for the theatrical release of the film which won the popular film award at IFFK. The story of ‘Nankakal Neerath Mayaka’ is by […]