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Lack of space for special education is increasing: 1,000 children on waiting list in Antwerp


In secondary education, around 300 children also end up on a waiting list for special education in Antwerp. The lack of space increases to 1,000 children. The situation in the B stream is equally serious.

After the report that there is no room for 700 children in special primary education in Antwerp, it becomes clear that there is once again a major lack of space in special secondary education. A total of 762 children registered for the so-called buso in Antwerp. There is currently no room for 290 children, or 38 percent. They end up on a waiting list. A place was found for 472 children. The Local Consultation Platform (LOP) Antwerp reports this about the online registration system ‘Register’.

“In Buso, the shortages in training forms 1 and 4 persist, despite the efforts made by schools and school boards,” says Luc Claessens, chairman of LOP Antwerp secondary education. “The schools are closely monitoring the situation. We are doing our best to inform parents who have not yet received an allocation as best as possible about places that will become available.”

B current

Capacity problems are also emerging again in the B stream, especially for young people who do not obtain their primary education certificate. This year, 1,976 children have registered for the B stream. An increase of approximately 100 children compared to last year. 1,380 children, or 70 percent, were allocated to a preferred school. 30 percent, or 596 children, have not yet been assigned a school. That is also an increase compared to last year. Then 490 children did not yet have school in May.

Some shifts are expected in the B stream in the coming months. Many parents do not yet know whether their child will obtain a certificate. More than 700 children therefore registered for both the A and B streams. “These parents will be contacted at the end of June so that they can register their children in the correct stream as quickly as possible,” it said.

In the A stream, 489 young people have not yet been allocated a school. This was the case for 94 percent, or 7,252 students. 98.5 percent of them received a place in a school in their top three. The LOP could not be reached for additional explanation for the time being.

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