Rubber Farming Funding: Nattu Visesham

Financial guidance for the cultivation of rubber – Wednesday, August 31, 2022 00:46 IST – Kanhangad: In the many years 2020 and 2021, the cultivation of rubber or the new cultivation of rubber Monetary support is also needed from farmers engaged in commercial agriculture. Ksha invited. 25,000 for each hectare as a just one-time payment […]

The fantastic skills congratulated: Nattu Visesham

The college students who achieved higher marks had been congratulated – Saturday 27 August 2022 00:20 IST – Nedumpasheri: Elavoor Company Co-operative Lender SSLC, Moreover Two, honored those who obtained the greatest rank. Prizes and funds prizes for these Roji M. John MLA learners sent. In the community session held on this make any difference, […]

If not for the police, then whose concept is this …: Nattu Visesham

If not from the police, who does this concept belong to? – Friday 26 August 2022 12:53 IST – Personal creatorThrissur: False warning specified to mother and father in the title of the law enforcement The message goes viral on WhatsApp. The message is not for the police, the skilled community and the Madhyam police. […]

Stroll in Job interview for Coaches: Educational Information

Stroll in interview for coaches – Thiruvananthapuram: Sri Ayyankali Me Memorial Model Residential Spore Not Eligible for Tutorial Calendar year 202223 at TS Faculty (Accepted by Sports Council) Mentor Centered on Day-to-day Income Stroll in Job interview for Excellence is coming Initial certificate of candidates September 5th return with cut District record in Vellayambalam, India […]

Deepika Nammutebhasha Method at Potamplav Bharathambika UP Faculty: Nattu Visesham

Deepika Nammutebhasha system at Potamplav Bharathambika UP school – Thursday 25 August 2022 01:02 IST – Potamplav: Deepika Nam Language Method Inauguration at Bharathambika UP School Owners of Thaliparamp SJ construct ware are demanded to attend Ya Newspapers Sponsored University. The president of the PTA Praveen Manayanikal faculty, the head of the Ljo Sunny Thrum […]

Practical, Viva: Academic News

MAHRM 4th Semester Typical (June 2022) The Viva Sept Bur test will be held for just one. In-depth timetable on the internet site. 1st semester linked to the CBCSS B career. Performed in June 2022 SC Electronics (340) Day of the useful test of the diploma program The 30th and 31st will take location in […]