Padamkavala Mom Teresa Devalaya Thirunal from 26: Nattu Visesham

Padamkavala Mother Teresa Devalaya Thirunal from 26

Tuesday 23 August 2022 00:45 IST

Padamkavala: From 26 to 5 September the Novena will be held at the Church of Saint Mother Teresa, Padamkavala Nal Aghosh and Ootuneracha. On the afternoon of the 26th, at 3:45 pm, Fr. Varghese will do the cleaning. Holy Mass, sermon, novena at 4 pm – p. Noble Onamkulam. Rosary each working day at 3:30 pm. Rosary at 3:30 pm on the 27th, Holy Mass at 4 pm, Nov. Na-Fa. Biju on the other hand.
Holy Mass on 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st at 4 pm, For the information and the novena, p. Pio Padinjaremuri, Fr. Giuseppe Chattanat, p. Alex Nirapel, p. Dennis Nellithanat will officiate. On the evening of September 1st at 4 pm, Holy Mass – Fr. Aji kuzhiyanimatam. 2, 3 and 4 September in the night For the Holy Mass and the novena, Fr. Joseph Manpallikkunnel, p. Mathew Asariparanpil, p. All people will get the job done according to the work title. On the early morning of September 5, at 10 am, for the very good omen Thirunal Kurbana, Archbishop Emeritus Shup Mar George Njeralakat will officiate. Adopted by a hearty food.

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