Deepika Nammutebhasha Method at Potamplav Bharathambika UP Faculty: Nattu Visesham

Deepika Nammutebhasha system at Potamplav Bharathambika UP school

Thursday 25 August 2022 01:02 IST

Potamplav: Deepika Nam Language Method Inauguration at Bharathambika UP School Owners of Thaliparamp SJ construct ware are demanded to attend Ya Newspapers Sponsored University. The president of the PTA Praveen Manayanikal faculty, the head of the Ljo Sunny Thrum school was inaugurated.
Headmaster p. Joseph Anachari delivered the eulogy. Deepika Place Circulation Supervisor Sunil K. Peter discussed the prepare. School principal Bina Mathew, staff members secretary K. Jobimol spoke. Instructors Lali Joseph, Santosh Mathew, MT Thangamma gave the guideline.

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