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MAHRM 4th Semester Typical (June 2022) The Viva Sept Bur test will be held for just one. In-depth timetable on the internet site.

1st semester linked to the CBCSS B career. Performed in June 2022 SC Electronics (340) Day of the useful test of the diploma program The 30th and 31st will take location in the respective faculties.

1st Semester Occupation Connected CBCCS BC executed in June The realistic examinations of Diploma System A (332) will be held respectively on 26, 29, 30 and 31. They will be held in the schools. The in depth timetable is accessible on the web page.

Test end result

1st Semester MBA (2020 Adm.) Held in March (Shen, Supplementary 2019, 2018 Admission) Graduation Examination End result Declared Additional information on the web site.

1st semester MCA Diploma (Supplementary, Mercy Likelihood 2011 Scheme) December 2021 The examination consequence has been declared. Information on the web-site.

Distance Learning Office PG On the net Classes

Distance Training Department 4th Semester 2020 PG Admission Courses from 27th onwards will start off on line at For details check out www.ideku.web http://www.ideku.web

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