India, patient zero again positive at Covid – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – NEW DELHI, JUL 13 – The first person to be affected by Covid in India, in January 2020, a medical student, is again positive for the virus: Dr. KJ told the PTI news agency Reena from Thrissur hospital, in the state of Kerala, where the young woman lives. On January 30, 2020, the […]

Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, India Issues Warning Regarding Zika Virus Cases in Kerala

PR CIREBON – In the middle pandemic Covid-19, state authorities Kerala, India issue a related warning case virus other. The case in question is to be re-confirmed virus Zika what’s happening in the region Kerala South, India. According to the Minister of Health Kerala, Venna George, on Friday, July 9, 2021 local time, there were […]

Exams should be held on time: PGTA: Nattu Visesham

Exams should be conducted on time: PGTA Thursday, March 4, 2021 10:21 PM IST Thodhu Puzha: Scheduled for SSLC and Plus Two exams this year State Committee of Private School Teachers’ Association He asked the government.The exam is scheduled to start from the 17th of this month. A situation that is mentally prepared by the […]

Will Trump form a new party? | siraj daily

Washington | The debate in the United States is whether former President Donald Trump will form a new party. But Trump himself said there would be no such move. He made it clear that he would not form a political party and would strengthen the Republican Party. Trump said in his first public appearance since […]

Two persons arrested by Pink Police: Nattu Visesham

Soil in Perinthal: A woman and a child were found missing from Wayanad. Attempts to stop and assault the soil pink police team in Perintal Two people have been arrested in connection with the incident. Vishnu (23), a native of Muthukursi, became a native of the area. Shihabuddin (32) was arrested by the Manna police […]

Same-sex marriage: Central stand is welcome | siraj daily

The affidavit filed by the Central Government in the Delhi High Court on same-sex marriage does justice to moral views. The Center has said that cohabitation and sexual intercourse between people of the same sex cannot be compared to the Indian concept of husband, wife and children. Same-sex marriage cannot be seen as a fundamental […]