Banksy graffiti sold with wall

Banksy painting with part of a wall sold in Britain The image on the building in the British county of Suffolk brought the owners from 1.5 to 2 million pounds. The owners of a building in the English city of Lowestoft sold the work of street artist Banksy, along with the wall of the building […]

Robbie Williams sold the house with the ghosts

Robbie Williams PHOTO Reuters Robbie Williams has finally sold his home in Wiltshire, UK, after years of unable to get rid of the house, which is believed to be inhabited by ghosts, reports BTA. The property, which was announced for sale 12 years ago, is only now finding a new owner, who gives 6.75 million […]

Adel – abuse trial in New York? What’s next for Andrew – Society

New York / London (AP) – Virginia Giuffre has repeatedly repeated her serious allegations against Prince Andrew: He is said to have had sex with the then minor more than 20 years ago – according to her own statements, she was killed by the notorious US multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein forced to. Even if Andrew categorically […]

Video of Prime Minister Johnson dancing

Photo: frame from video Boris Johnson dance The video went viral on social media following the controversy over Johnson’s participation in an illegal party during the lockdown. A video of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson dancing at a party has been posted on social media. This is reported Huff Post. The video is supposedly old, […]

Russian diplomat named the reason for NATO’s interest in Ukraine

Ukraine’s integration into the North Atlantic Alliance appears to be part of the West’s strategy to contain Russia. This was stated by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the UK Andrey Kelin on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel. As the diplomat noted, the United States and its allies allocate huge funds […]

British surgeon burnt his initials into the liver of patients

Photo: Simon Bremhall accused of ‘professional arrogance’ Nearly nine years later, the British Practitioners Tribunal Service removed Simon Bramhall from practicing medicine. In the UK, transplant doctor Simon Bremhall used a laser to sign the livers of two of his patients during surgery. About it reported Daily Mail edition. According to available information, this […]

Omicron in the Czech Republic: Symptoms, incubation period, course, tests, vaccination

What we know about omicron The new variant first appeared in South Africa. Its occurrence in several European countries, including the Czech Republic, has now been confirmed. The first case omicronu appeared in the Czech Republic at the end of November 2021. This 60-year-old coronavirus mutation infected a 60-year-old woman from Liberec, probably in Namibia, […]

UK scandal: Johnson criticized for celebrating first ‘arcade’ – Overseas – News

ITV has released a leaked e-mail inviting them to “enjoy socially distant drinks” in May 2020 in the Prime Minister’s Downing Street office and residence garden. Opposition politicians have already called on the police to investigate the matter. The e-mail was sent to dozens of recipients by the Prime Minister’s private secretary Martin Reynolds, urging […]

Duchess Kate celebrates her 40th birthday. Queen Elizabeth II also wished her.

Updated 10:18 9. 1. 2022, 09:06 Duchess Kate celebrates her 40th birthday on Sunday. However, it does not look like any lush parties. Prince William’s wife does not tolerate them much, so she plans to celebrate the logs only in a family circle. Congratulations were also sent by Queen Elizabeth II herself. If you are […]

An absolute tragedy with covid deaths in Britain

Boris Johnson Photo: Reuters There are now more than 150,000 deaths from the new coronavirus in Britain. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on the occasion that the virus had taken a “terrible toll” in the country, DPA reported. Reuters links the crossing of the gloomy threshold with the record number of new infections caused by […]