Golden wedding: a couple from Saint-Paulois celebrates 50 years of marriage

On January 5, 1973, Marie-Brigitte and Georget said yes. Fifty years later, and a few more wrinkles, they celebrate their golden wedding anniversary with a family. From their love were born three children whom they raised in their house on rue Mercadet, as many grandchildren and a great-grandson. The spouses celebrate their golden wedding this […]

Saint-Paul: the Allamele spouses celebrate their golden wedding anniversary

Thursday, December 29, the Allamele spouses celebrated their golden wedding. From this beautiful union were born 3 children, 7 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren. 50 years later, the flame is still there. The press release: Anthony Allamele and Valérie, her maiden name Julienne, celebrated their golden wedding on December 29th. Already 50 years of loving each other, […]

400 race accident: the two riders managed to leave the hospital

An accident occurred this Sunday morning during the Run 400 event in Saint-Leu, involving two vehicles on a road trip. Two riders were hospitalized and the race was cancelled. They were able to leave the hospital during the day An accident occurred this Sunday morning during the Run 400 event in Saint-Leu, involving two vehicles […]

Use our company for easy IT and EDP disposal in Brandenburg

Companies in particular have to deal with the disposal of computers. We make this data protection compliant and environmentally friendly, and also free. Anyone who comes to us will be surprised. With our free availability of computers in Brandenburg, we demonstrate that a specialist can also work cheaply or for free. Businesses don’t pay a […]

“A Gentleman from Florida Makes an Announcement”

Former US President Donald Trump announced Tuesday evening his intention to return to govern the country. The tycoon, passionate about generating headlines and occupying the front pages, especially among related media, this morning found in one of his old media allies, the New York Post, a simple mocking sentence at the bottom of his home […]

Hello, breast out: the Kate Middleton scandal is also addressed by Trump

Putting out your breasts when you are the Princess of Wales is simply a scandal that will never subside. An old case has now reopened in the royal family, when the paparazzi captured beauty as nature created it. Now, instead of falling into oblivion, he is now showing the whole world, even the former American […]