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Financial report: How expensive the Easter exit cost – 2024-05-09 21:10:39

After the resurrection comes Calvary. It is the time of the bill for the expenses incurred for a few days of relaxation after repeated crises that brought him up and down and closed people in his homes willingly or not.

In the queues of the tolls, on the ships, in the hotels the exit with smiles, the return with a notepad for the expenses incurred and now he will have to tighten his belt so that the money will come in equal boat equal waters.

Most of them left for just 4-5 days and that was due to cost, since many were able to get permits and extend their stay in the province. The reason; The cost.

The… guestbook for 5 days (4 nights)

  • Tickets: €952 (family for Naxos by car)
  • 4 nights: €610 – €1240 (2 rooms)
  • Fuel: €60 (transfer to the port – transfers to the island)
  • Diet: €960 (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner)
  • Holy Saturday Table: 150€ – 250€
  • Easter Sunday table: 150€ – 250€
  • Coffees – soft drinks: 80€ – 120€
  • Coffee and toast on board: 20€ – 60€
  • Attica Road Tolls: 5.60€
  • Total: 2.987,6€ – 3.897,6€

These costs do not include a number of other costs that, even if they are not necessary, are not easy to avoid.

The reasons for the unimaginable accuracy are many, the energy crisis but also the cost of raw materials that have thrown everything, the increases in the labor costs of businesses are the most important.

The accuracy is evident everywhere, even to those who stayed in the big urban centers and preferred the Easter buffet of one of the big hotels.

But even those who stayed at home did not do better in the financial sector, and this is because this year’s table is very expensive compared to last year.

  • 2023: From €76.53 – €109.03
  • 2024: From €89.04 – €130.04

On the other hand, many will say that it is impossible not to have moments of relaxation, even if they are expensive, since anyway life has become very expensive and poverty requires good times.

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