Real Identity of Students Arrested by Densus 88…

The condition of the suspected terrorist’s boarding house in Malang City at night. Photo: Ridho Abdullah/, MALANG – The student with the initials IA who was arrested by Densus 88 in Malang City on Monday (23/5) is suspected to be studying at a local university. The 22-year-old youth has been named a suspect in […]

SIMAK UI 2022 Opens Today, Here Are The Requirements And The Amount Of Fees

Jakarta – University of Indonesia Entrance Selection Registration (SEE UI) officially opened from today on May 24, 2022 to June 27, 2022. The UI SIMAK track is an independent selection route held by UI. This pathway is devoted to education programs for D3/D4 Vocational, S1 Regular, S1 Parallel, and S1 International Class. With a quota […]

BEM Demo for Muhammadiyah Campuses Chaos, A Number of Students Arrested

Jakarta – The protest mass from the Student Executive Board (BEM) of several Muhammadiyah campuses at the Horse Statue, Central Jakarta, was forcibly dispersed. Demonstration disbanded for trying to hit the line of officers. Monitoring at the Horse Statue, Friday (20/5/2022), the BEM Muhammadiyah college mass was dispersed by the police at around 17.15 […]

Often Done by Student Brothers, What is KKN? – Some of my friends may have heard the term KKN performed by student brothers. Some of your friends may have older siblings who are studying in college. Or, maybe the place where your friends live has been used as a destination for student community service activities? What exactly is KKN? So, what is […]

7 Facts About the Indonesian Student Party

Jakarta – Indonesian Student Party emerged to the public. Here are seven facts about the Indonesian Student Party. The Indonesian Student Party was initially mentioned by the leadership DPR. The question arose about who the people behind this party were. detikcom collected these facts until Saturday (23/4) before midnight. Here are seven facts: 1. Revealed […]

Eko Pratama, BEM Nusantara Team, Who Meets Wiranto

Jakarta – The Ministry of Law and Human Rights has confirmed Indonesian Student Party since the beginning of the year. In data Kemenkumham, it was revealed that this party was led by Eko Pratama. Who’s he? detikcom obtained this data from the Head of Public Relations of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Tubagus […]

Unexpected News of the Forming of the Indonesian Student Party

Jakarta – Party College student Indonesia suddenly appeared and was registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham). Various responses also emerged. This unexpected news was originally conveyed by the Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Sufmi Dasco Ahmad. Dasco said the Indonesian Student Party was legal at the Ministry of […]