BEM Demo for Muhammadiyah Campuses Chaos, A Number of Students Arrested


The protest mass from the Student Executive Board (BEM) of several Muhammadiyah campuses at the Horse Statue, Central Jakarta, was forcibly dispersed. Demonstration disbanded for trying to hit the line of officers.

Monitoring at the Horse Statue, Friday (20/5/2022), the BEM Muhammadiyah college mass was dispersed by the police at around 17.15 WIB. A number of students were arrested by officers and taken to police cars.

The crowd seemed to be involved in pushing each other with officers. They forced the police to march on the demonstration under JPO Gatot Subroto.

The window of the mass action commando car was broken. The police chased the student who tried to fight the officers and then took him into custody.

There was also one student who was disarmed so that he was not wearing a shirt. The police forced the orator down from the command car and took him into custody.

Broken windows of the action commando car were seen being removed by orange troops. The crowd was asked by officers to disperse, while the police were still looking for students suspected of being the provocateurs of the action around the location.

“Those who bring motorbikes, bring motorbikes,” said one officer.

The following are 10 demands for Muhammadiyah Higher Education BEM:

1. Urge the President and Vice President to evaluate the performance of the Ministers of the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet and all their staff in the current Government
2. Demand the government to resolve past human rights cases and realize the rule of law & human rights that protects all Indonesian people
3. Demanding the government to ensure that the democracy that runs in Indonesia is a healthy democracy without any intervention from any party
4. Urge the Government to thoroughly investigate all corruption cases that occur in Indonesia
5. Demanding the Government to improve education in Indonesia by prospering educators and making development of education support infrastructure more equitable throughout the territory of Indonesia

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6. Demanding the government to stabilize the prices of basic needs in the country
7. Urge the Government to resolve the problem of Indonesia’s foreign debt, which amounts to 7,052.5 trillion
8. Demanding the Government to take quick and appropriate steps in an effort to resolve agrarian conflicts in Indonesia
9. Encouraging the Government to postpone the relocation of the National Capital and focus more on stabilizing the Indonesian economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic
10. Demanding the Government to ensure that the 2024 simultaneous elections run democratically and in accordance with the laws in force in Indonesia.


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