The Masyumi Party Is Back Rise, Here’s Its History

loading… JAKARTA – Masjumi Partycome back to life after “sleeping” for decades. On his 75th birthday today, Masyumi was declared again. KH Ahmad Cholil Ridwan, Head of the Islamic Ideological Party’s Business Investigation Agency (BPU-PPII) read the declaration. “We, the undersigned, declare the reactivity of the Indonesian Islamic Political Party called Masyumi,” Cholil said reading […]

Senate Trust Elimination Staggers; PT does not support

MEXICO CITY The Labor Party and the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) staggered the Senate legislative process to eliminate 109 trusts, as the PT bench said no to their elimination and seeks to join the Opposition Bloc to change the correlation of forces in the full and avoid removal; meanwhile, the green ecologists have […]

Ferdinand Hutahaean Quits Democrats, Which Political Party?

Ferdinand Hutahaean, politician from the Democratic Party. (Source: JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Politician Ferdinand Hutahaean has declared backwards from Democratic party today, Sunday (11/10/2020). Ferdinand’s resignation from the party led by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is not the end of his political career. Also Read: Ferdinand Hutahaean Resigns, Democrat: Thank you and Good luck It seems […]

Amien Rais Founded Ummat Party, A Threat for PAN? All pages – Amien Rais announced the establishment of a new party named Ummah Party through the canal YouTube on Thursday (1/10/2020). “The Ummah Party insyaAllah is determined to work and fight with the children of other nations against tyranny and uphold justice,” he said. The Ummat Party, according to Amien, has the motto “Fight injustice […]

México Libre and Encuentro Solidario would achieve registration as a political party

MEXICO CITY. The INE Prerogatives Commission Today it will propose to the General Council that only two of the seven organizations that requested their registration as a political party obtain it, because they meet the requirements for the number of assemblies and the minimum number of members, as well as the criteria that the councilors […]

Unfair that they arrest Robles in front of VIP treatment to Lozoya: Dante Delgado

Veracruzano. Haughty. Direct. He is determined to build a critical, independent, committed citizenry. He says not to see power but to serve others: Sense? Worried. Resentful? No way. Angry? A lot less. Should we be angry? No, outraged. Anyway, happy with the prerogatives? The Citizen Movement proposes that there are no prerogatives to the parties. […]

México Libre heads INE fines to organizations for anomalies in finances

Regarding these irregularities, the counselor Ciro Murayama stressed that the INE must consider the magnitude of the irregular financing when granting or not registering organizations that seek to be a new party, and stressed that one of the most important findings of the audit is that They detected contributions that did not adhere to the […]