Where is the lowest level of vaccination against COVID-19 in Ukraine, the network of the religious organization of the aggressor country is more effective there – expert of the Ministry of Health

Bulavinova asked Danilyuk what, in his opinion, influences the decision of Ukrainians, who, seeing an increase in the number of COVID-19 patients in the country, do not want to be vaccinated against coronavirus. “The level of education … Going on the air [видел, как] religious organization of the aggressor country near the Verkhovna Rada [России] […]

Marchisio: “Church is the perfect companion. Donnarumma a regret”

Il Principino: “Donnarumma is a regret, I would like the renewal of Dybala”. And on recent cases of racism: “Let’s fight it in schools” There was a time when the newspapers wrote about a possible exchange between Claudio Marchisio and Daniele De Rossi who – seen today – more than a market negotiation looks like […]

Resignation after the Recorder investigation: Lazăr Neacşu, a person with close ties in the BOR leadership, leaves the General Council of the Capital and the PSD

“The PSD Bucharest organization and the PSD sector 4 organization announce that this morning Mr. Neacşu Lazăr submitted his resignation from the Social Democratic Party and from the quality of PSD general councilor within the General Council of Bucharest Municipality”, informed the social democrats. Vasile Neacşu was a member of the General Council of the […]

MakSim went on a pilgrimage to the shrines of Crimea

Photo: instagram.com/maksimartist MakSim The performer visits the holy places of the peninsula and thanks God for her recovery. Russian singer MakSim (real name – Marina Abrosimova) went on a pilgrimage to the shrines of the Crimea. The spiritual mentor of the artist, the rector of the Savior Transfiguration Monastery Luka (Stepanov), spoke about this on […]

Society – Freiburg im Breisgau – German Caritas Association gets new top – Society

Freiburg (dpa) – The largest welfare association in Germany is getting a new leadership today: At the delegates’ meeting of the German Caritas Association in Freiburg, the successor to President Peter Neher will be determined. The prelate leaves office after 18 years. The candidates are the Stuttgart city dean Christian Hermes, the chairman of the […]

Threat to the Swedish Church in Paris

On pressure from the Social Democrats, the Swedish clergy wanted to sell the Lutheran church built in Paris in 1913. Heritage lovers are worried about its possible destruction. Removing a church is never trivial. Yet this is what is likely to happen to the Swedish Lutheran Church, this large red brick building where the Swedish […]

Representatives of the Catholic Church in France sexually abused 216 thousand children in seventy years, the commission found out – ČT24 – Czech Television

Compared to national French statistics, sexual crimes committed by church leaders account for about four percent of all those committed in France, Sauvé said. Boys represent 80 percent of the victims, girls 20 percent. These numbers are about the same as for sexual violence against children in general, where boys make up 75 percent of […]

In France, the number of pedophiles in the Catholic Church was named

Photo: Unsplash In France, revealed about 3 thousand pedophiles in the Catholic Church Since 1950, at least 10,000 children may have suffered at the hands of pedophiles among members of the French Church. According to preliminary estimates of the independent commission of the French Catholic Church, which investigated pedophilia in church circles, for 70 years […]