The New Machine War: Huawei vs. Apple in the Battle for Public Support

The New Machine War: Huawei vs. Apple in the Battle for Public Support

Immediately after Huawei’s Mate 60 Pro series of new phones caused a sensation by being “sold before they were released,” Apple held an autumn new product launch conference at its California headquarters on September 13. The latest iPhone 15 smartphone Officially unveiled with the Apple Watch. No matter in the market, media or public opinion, […]

Is America in Decline? Examining the Answer from Different Perspectives

Is America in decline? The answer to this question, like a coin, depends not only on the change in the value of the currency itself, but also on which side of it people see, and from the perspective of an idealist, which side of it people are willing to admit. “The Economist” published an article […]

New world record set as China’s “artificial sun” operates for 403 seconds with success

April 13, 2023 10:27 Last Updated: 12:46 CCTV reported that the world’s first all-superconducting tokamak EAST device (artificial sun) in operation in China has achieved high-power and stable 403-second steady-state long-pulse high-constraint mode plasma operation, creating a steady-state tokamak device Highly constrained mod runs a new world record. According to reports, at 9:00 pm on […]

Two-thirds of the liver B carriers are unaware that the US CDC has added 3 high-risk groups, calling for all adults to be screened-Health-HiNet生活志

(Taiwan English News/Comprehensive foreign report by Zhu Mingzhu) According to the new recommendations issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this Thursday (9th), regardless of whether there is a risk of infection, it is recommended that adults receive type B at least once in their lives. Hepatitis testing. This is the […]