Two-thirds of the liver B carriers are unaware that the US CDC has added 3 high-risk groups, calling for all adults to be screened-Health-HiNet生活志

(Taiwan English News/Comprehensive foreign report by Zhu Mingzhu) According to the new recommendations issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this Thursday (9th), regardless of whether there is a risk of infection, it is recommended that adults receive type B at least once in their lives. Hepatitis testing. This is the […]

Pokémon GO Plus+ is here! On sale on 7/14-Focus-HiNet Life Blog

▲Pokémon GO Plus + will be launched simultaneously in Taiwan and the world on July 14, and the price has not yet been announced. (Picture / recap of the official video) [廣告] please read on [NOWnews今日新聞]Attention Pokemon fans! The new device “Pokémon GO Plus +”, which was just announced on 2/27 “Pokémon Presents”, has not […]