Coup in Myanmar Democratic weakness “Min Aung Hlaing” dares to seize power

“What happened should know how the West would respond. Must know how to be retaliated in the economic field Therefore not sure there is a motive What about creating a coup? Until all over the world were all amazed Except China is not interested anyway Plus, both China and the West Both have interests in […]

Relive the cult of Buy American when “Biden” fulfilled the contract.

Photo: REUTERS According to University of California Santa Cruz professor Dana Frank and author of the book. Buy American: The Untold Story of Economic Nationalism First published in 1999. Sort that … The first was born in the early 20th century. Led by “William Randolph Herz,” an influential figure in the newspaper. By Buy American […]

The national film “Fu Demon Temple” bravely enters the Golden Horse and international film festival!Create a horrible blood cannon ejector with your partners to open the palace on February 26th-Entertainment-HiNet生活志

“Fu Demon Temple”, based on the theme of Taiwanese religion, is the work of Taiwan’s new director Wang Yifan. Innovative themes and bold shooting techniques complement each other. It won two nominations for the action design award and the best modeling design award at the 2020 Taipei Film Awards. He also crossed the border and […]

Biden has signed 17 orders to denigrate “Trump” to clear his perceptions.

Read up to this line. Do you think that maybe one country around Southeast Asia? That is now rich in isolation And infiltrating all molecules of society Even the smallest institution in society, “the family”, should bring the same speech to the people of that country to hear it! Alright … let’s go back to […]

“Pokémon Pearl/Diamond” remake is expected?! Villagers cry for “I just hope that we don’t cut monsters anymore”-Life-HiNet生活志

Text/Zhai Jing Seventh and eighth graders’ country and high school memories “Pokémon Pearl/Diamond” is expected to be remade? Some villagers posted information on PTT PO, pointing out that the Spanish Pokémon intelligence network Centro Pokemon revealed that the “” domain name has been activated and that “Pokemon Pearl/Diamond” may announce a remake in February 2021. […]